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Vaishnav Potlapalli

I'm currently a graduate student at the New York University (NYU) Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the Stern School of Business. My coursework revolves around the fascinating intersection of Computing and Entrepreneurship. I am broadly interseted in the fields of AI and Computer vision.In the past I was a research assistant at MBZUAI, where I worked on Image restoration and Video Action Recognition. In my free time I dive deep in sci-fi worlds or get salty playing dota.

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Research AssistantJuly. 2022 - July. 2023
Supervisor: Dr. Salman Khan
Research Area: Computer Vision


Machine Learning EngineerApril. 2020 - April. 2022
Dhan AI

Software: Pytorch, Python, HF-Transformers, SQL, Tensorflow, Docker.


Research AssistantMay. 2021 - June. 2022
CVSSP, University of Surrey
Supervisor: Dr. Yi-Zhe Song
Research Area: Cross-Modal Image Retrieval, Active Learning for Computer Vision.


Research InternJun. 2019 - Jan. 2020
CVIT, International Institue of Information Technology
Supervisors: Dr. Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla
Research Area: Document Analysis, Object Detection

Boundary_png PromptIR: Prompting for All-in-One Blind Image Restoration
Vaishnav Rao Potlapalli, Syed Waqas Zamir, Salman Khan, Fahad Shahbaz Khan
NeurIPS, 2023

Code /  Paper

Boundary_png Sketch3T: Test-time Training for Zero-Shot SBIR
Aneeshan Sain, Ayan Kumar Bhunia, Vaishnav Rao Potlapalli, Pinaki Nath Chowdhury, Tao Xiang, Yi-Zhe Song
CVPR, 2022


Boundary_png MediTables: A New Dataset and Deep Network for Multi-Category Table Localization in Medical Documents
Akshay Deshpande, Vaishnav Rao Potlapalli, Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla,

Code /  Paper


Masters of Science Sep 2023 - Dec 2024
New York University


Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech) in CSEAugust 2016 - May 2020
Mahindra University Ecole Centrale School of Engineering

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